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Construction defect and design defect claims are a legal minefield. Litigation can hinge on technical interpretation of design specs, product specs, engineering decisions and builder contracts. Dunn & Black, P.S. is an established construction law firm with extensive experience in the full spectrum of construction disputes.

Our attorneys represent both owners and lenders seeking legal remedies and contractors or design-build firms defending against construction defect claims. We serve clients who have been involved in construction defect claims in states ranging from Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Florida Alaska, Nevada and throughout the Western United States. We have represented clients internationally on mining and dam projects involving construction defect disputes and delay claims in nations such as Venezuela and Canada.

Construction Defects and Design Defects

Dunn & Black, P.S. has successfully shielded contractors and design firms who were facing substantial exposure in construction disputes. Likewise, we have received jury verdicts and arbitration awards on behalf of Contractors and Owners/Developers. Our lawyers have litigated a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential design and construction defect cases:

  • Collapse of underwater fish bypass structure
  • Defective welds on dam spillway
  • Leaning, sinking, or collapsing foundations or structures
  • Flooring failures
  • Siding and building shell defects
  • Leaking doors, windows, or roofs with water intrusion
  • Soil settling, erosion, runoff, and drainage
  • Plumbing, HVAC, and insulation failures
  • Electrical and security hazards
  • Comprehensive condominium defect claims
  • The Knowledge and Experience to Resolve Construction Disputes

Construction Litigation Experience

Drawing upon 25 plus years of construction litigation experience, our attorneys are knowledgeable about design concepts, construction methods and construction industry surety and insurance. We have a sophisticated understanding of the roles and responsibilities of various participants in the construction process, and the contractual and legal rights and remedies of the parties. We take claims to trial if it serves our clients’ goals, but we encourage them to exhaust all out-of-court solutions, including mediation and arbitration, to resolve design defect or construction defect disputes.

See our Representative Work page for examples of our verdicts and settlements in construction and design defect litigation.

Clients know they can rely on our in-depth understanding of the industry when we prosecute or defend design and construction defect claims. Contact us today for analysis of your legal options. We welcome attorney referrals.>

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